Tally Rye


ally Rye is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer with a weight neutral approach. She is passionate at helping people discover how exercise can be a positive and integral part of the big picture when creating a lifestyle centred around health, happiness and fulfilment.

“I launched the hashtag #BestMe in early 2017 after I felt lost, overwhelmed and unfocused on my own health and fitness journey, which in turn had affected other areas of my life. I wanted to take control back, but unlike before this wasn’t about a new fitness fad or diet, it was about consciously making decisions that helped me feel my BEST; in the gym, at work, in my relationships, and through my food choices.
I am a passionate advocate for training people to FEEL good in the long term and exploring the other aspects of life that contribute to that. Through the Best Me events and retreats, we are able to dig deeper and reflect on the elements of life in which we can help a person feel healthy and most importantly happy.”