Amy Hopkinson:


my is the digital editor of Women’s Health UK, a Level 3 personal trainer, ambassador for Lululemon’s European flagship store, and last year won Best Newcomer at the Wellness Awards and was shortlisted for Content Leader of The Year at Digital PPAs. She lives and breathes the business of wellness. Eat, sweat, social, repeat is her daily grind.

She began her digital career 8 years ago and as one of the first to embrace digital she has always been ahead of the curve. Over the years she has worked with many of the world’s leading health experts, launched the first Women’s Health 12-week workout programme and tried more healthy food trends than Paltrow and Kerr combined.

Amy is a true believer that a balanced mindset is key to enjoying the healthy life – “sometimes that’s yoga, and others it’s vodka tonics in the sunshine. Such is life”.